Narrative Marketing For The Interactive Age

Keevan Consulting Group balances consumer focus and global scale in ways that lend a dynamic quality to consumer activation.  We do this by relentlessly placing your fans, constituents, and consumers at the heart of interactive narrative marketing solutions that drive return on investment.

CEO and founder Tony Keevan has 30 years experience delivering consumer-focused results for global, multi-brand Fortune 500 companies, incubator start-ups, and political candidates including:

AT&T, Baileys, Bain Capital, Best Buy, Buchanan’s, Cadbury Schweppes, CPC International, Captain Morgan, Cathay Pacific, Ciroc, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, General Electric, General Motors, GeriJoy, Guinness, J&B, Johnnie Walker, Jose Cuervo, Nestle, Opel, Rokk, Sears, Siemens, Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Unilever, and the United States Postal Service.  

Al Gore, Carl Levin, Edward Kennedy, Leon Panetta, and Thomas Tip O’Neil.